Tamara McElhannon • Southern Studio Arts

“Somehow through mere paint on a canvas, it speaks, stirring your soul.” -anonymous

Artist Statement

It is my wish to invoke a sense of curiosity. Each painting contains various images and icons, some of which come from objects in my studio and others from my imagination.

Often, I have only a vague understanding of my paintings or why I put such disparate objects together. It seems as though they take on new meaning as time passes.

I enjoy that they are organic and can “grow” even long after they have left my possession. I encourage viewers to compose their own stories from my images and become part of the process.

Inspired by the process of collaboration and inclusion and a desire to explore the purity of shapes and color through abstraction, Tamara’s new collection takes on an interactive flair. These paintings invite the viewer to become part of the creative process.

Each painting has multiple pieces of custom-painted disks arranged in a geometric format on a backboard. These disks are not static. Instead, the viewer moves the elements around to create a work of art that is uniquely theirs.

Board member

Tamara Deane McElhannon